Tired of navigating tech without a network?

Tech leaders from under-represented ethnicities in Europe's tech ecosystems often gain seniority without gaining visibility.


A network of tech leaders in Europe focused on expanding visibility and opportunities for senior tech professionals from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. How do we do it?

Tech Ecosystem Seminars

Breaking into the tech industry is hard. Even more challenging? Achieving technical mastery and remaining "off the radar" of the companies, founders, and investors who need tech leadership.

Our seminars focus on the tech that's driving new career paths, new hiring trends, and the booming Berlin and Paris ecosystems.

Technology Talk sessions

Most of what you need to know about programming for IoT, CloudOps, ML, VR and gaming is on the web. What isn't there is what we provide: an expansive community for tech leaders in Europe from under-represented ethnic and racial communities.

Professional Workshops

Successful 21st-century tech careers involve learning to fit in without stifling what makes you stand out. We help under-represented tech leads to demonstrate their accomplishments in mono-cultural environments as a valuable superpower.

Tell me More!

Starting in Fall 2020, TECHINCOLOR will host curated community events for tech leaders in Paris and Berlin. To learn more, follow us on Twitter + sign up for our newsletter!

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